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This memorial website was created in the memory of my son.Austin Cole Gillentine. He who was born in Medford Oregon on October 09, 1994 on Sunday at 6:47 am. He was 8 pounds 1 ounce 21 inches long.The doctors gave him a perfect 10. Austin passed away In Redding California on January 22, 2007 He was 12 years 3 months and 12 days old.. He was 5 foot 3 and 1/2 and weighed 112 pounds. We will love him always and he will remain in our hearts forever.  Scroll down to the very end to see slide show..and read more of who he was and his life..

                          THE WORLD WAS OURS , WE OWNED IT

                                                     AGE 8

                          He is an amazing kid with alot of heart.

                                                   AGE THREE

                                      HE LIVED IN THE MOMENT

                                                AGE TEN

 Austin loved sports, and was an amazing athlete. His favorite players were Micheal Vick, Ladanion Tomlinson, Reggie Bush, Donavin Mcnabb.

                                                  AGE 11

Austin had two girlfriends in his life and he loved and treasured them dearly. Shawn and Whitley. He had a world of best friends. Austin Cole was full of life, he loved to make others laugh, Always fought for the underdog, loved to help smaller children and love to help and fight for animal rights and saving them. He had a pet rabbit. that was potty trained like a cat, and loved to sleep with Austin. He had three dogs, two cats and a chicken that showed up one day. I couldn't figure out where he came from our why he stayed around, until I found out Austin was leaving food for him out every night. He loved the life of every animals and did all he could to give them hope and life. 
                            MY WHOLE WORLD JUST DISAPEARED    

He was an Honor roll student, Achieved Presidential Fitness Award. He Loved football, basketball, and baseball. He played for the Anderson Wildcats. And the Pacheco Jaguars. He was a stand out athlete. He also did 4 years of gymnastics and He and I were currently taking Tae kwon Doe classes together.

Austin love to collect action figures. He started collecting when he was four years old. His room was surrounded by action figures that have never been open. They covered his walls. He loved Build legos and Bionicles. When he built something, It stayed forever. he never broke them up. They just became apart of his collection.
                                  I MISS HIM BEYOND WORDS

                                                   AGE SIX

Austin also loved building projects, and drawing. His favorite books were Eragon, Eldest and Chronicles of Narnia.
He was very into collecting, Dragons, swords and Knights. He was really looking forward to the next Harry Potter movie and the movie "Bridge to Terabithia." He wanted the book bridge to terabithia, and the third sequel to Eragon, but they had not been released yet. he was currently reading the Chronicles of Narnia series.
I think some of the favorite thiings we did together was that which didnt cost money. Like playing football until we coudnt move. Or baseball until my arm was to sore, going bike-riding all over town , sword fighting with wooden swords. snuggling him to sleep every night, while he would read to me..

Another favorite was hiding from him in the corn rows and making him and Chris find me. I would throw corn at them to get there attention and then run. We had a base picked in the center of the corn rows that was considered safe. i didn't often make it there. They would tackle me and tickle until i called it trues..
Austin also had this obsession with swords, him and his cousin R.J For years the would watch the old highlander series, they would slow mode the fight seen over and over again until they had them down pat. They would add there gymnastics skills and would go a full speed with the wooden swords.there teacher thought they were so go they had Austin and R.J .(his cousin),start a sword training class, to teach the other kids. . They made an outstanding video of one of there sword fights with lighting electric power noises and the whole bit. It was great and made them feel pretty proud..People were amazed when they would watch the boys and would always ask, were did they train? and we would just say, a little gymnastics and watching alot of highlander movies..

And what I think I love the most is that Austin loved to snuggle. He loved to be held and cuddled. Ever night he would read to me for 30 minutes. Then he always con me into giving him a back scratch, Then he would fall asleep. Sometimes i would pretend to read to him in Chinese. He loved it when i did that. He would giggle until his stomach hurt. Thats what I miss the most. i miss loving him., I miss his laugh, his smile, his touch, his giggle. Oh how I miss that giggle.

Please click the above link, to read his legacy, if you wish to learn more about his life. THAT TERRIBLE NIGHT I lost my son on Jan 22, 2007 to the choking game. Currently known around this area as Space Monkey. This is a game mostly played by high achieving, well liked,smart,and athletic type. They think of it as safe and legal, not realizing the permanent consequences or outcome of this so called game.
Its achieved by makeing a noose out of shoestrings, ropes, or belts. its then tightens around ones neck for about 7 seconds or until they pass out.
The pressure on the arteries is then released and as blood flow to the brain resumes, they achieve a brief high or euphoric state. Playing this game in any form causes permanent and cumulative death of large number of brain cells. Every year 500 to 1000 children are found dead as a direct result of this game.
My son learned this game when he was only ten years old from an older child on the school bus. He was taught how to make a slip not with a noose using his shoestrings, but soon moved up into using belts and ropes. It is addicting and kids will do it at a time when they feel stressed. It has a similar effect as free falling.

One time when he spent the night at his grandparents house, My dads shoestrings went missing from his combat boots. He found them in the garage tied together to make a long rope with a slip knot and a noose on the bottom. They found hidden under the cushions of the couch he would sleep on. A small rope with a noose and a slip not tied to the bottom. Austin had a permanent rope tied to the shower rod. with a slip knot and a noose on the bottom. It was there for about a year, He told me he was using it to play with his action figures. He also had one tied to his curtain rod just above his bed. Again I thought he was using it for his action figures. I was always finding shoestrings and belts tied to odd places. I thought, just a Boy thing.

Austin was also started having difficulty understanding things that had never been a problem before. A result of destroying brain cells. He complained of very severe headaches. I was going to schedule and MRI , before I allowed him to play football this year because he complained that they were really bad.
He also got raspy breathing. And started having difficulty breathing when he would run. I took him to the doctor and they just gave him and inhaler assuming it must be as-ma.. I found my son that night, hanging from his bedroom doorknob.. All he had to do was sit up, but the doctor said he pinched the main artery in his neck which caused an instant heart attack. It took 30 minutes for help to arrive. It was a night mare that evening. as i desperately did everything i could to make him breath. But could only feel his little hands turning colder and colder in my arms. An image i live with every day in my head. You never escape moment like that NEVER!!

Parents have no idea that their children may be playing this game. Children think of it as risky but not deadly. In a 2006 poll taken between 5th-12th graders 53% of the boys admitted to playing it, of those 86% play it twice a week.The single best weapon against this activity is Information! Please go to and sign the petition that will require education of the dangers of this game in our schools. this petition will require D.A.R.E. to incorporate Asphyxia activity into their curricula- show D.A.R.E we insist on keeping our children safe. Had I of been aware, I would have saw the signs and I could have saved my sons life.

Signs include
1) Inexplicable marks or bruises in the throat
2) Frequent severe headaches
3) Belts, leashes, ropes, shoestrings found in odd or unusual locations.
4) Disorientation after spending time alone.
5) Locked bedroom doors.

I think the two most important that are easily more noticeable is the frequent sever headaches, the belts and rope and shoestring always found tied to something and raspy breathing. Those were the most noticeable sighns If you know what to look for. I was just starting to question him about the belts..not soon enough though.

Many deaths attributed to suicide by adolescents are actually self-asphyxiations and death is an unintended outcome. Please visit the link and sign the petition. Please help us in our fight to Educate and Save the live of our children. thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read this and light a candle. Every little thing helps. i love you all..

Tributes and Condolences
Thinking of Austin and Denise today   / Hilary McCaughey (Friend of Denise )
Dear Denise, I often think of you and Austin but especially around the birthdays and anniversaries. Much love, Hil
happy birthday(:   / Morganne Lewin (went to school togeher )
I miss you you so much.... i remember when we first met you cracked me up with all your jokes! I remember having math class together and talking all the time. I pray for you everyday and cry when i think about it. I will never forget you and the time...  Continue >>
To Austin   / Andrue Zaharris (Friend)
I can't believe Austin would be sixteen time has flown by so fast I still remember the little boy eating watermelon in my backyard putting the piece up to his face acting like it was a huge smile miss the light he brought to everyone.
My Prayers are with you!   / Kelynn Fleischman (Freind)
Austin you were a good friend and God knows that you and your mom were perfect for each other. Your death has changed many lives for the better and has brought many together to try and better there own lives. We all loved you man!
Support  / Lynne Scherer (Mom of another TCG victim )
Denise our thoughts and prayers are with you today and always.  I know how hard it is and we will be dealing with our daughters first angelversary on the 28th and her birthday on the 30th of this month.  It feel so strange that I have exper...  Continue >>
Thank you!  / Kasey Solis (None)    Read >>
I think to Austin today, in Paris  / COCHET Françoise     Read >>
I am so sorry:(  / Melissa Collier (Larry's sister )    Read >>
Happy 16th Birthday  / Staci Gibson (mother of his last girlfriend )    Read >>
Happy Birthday Austin..............-...  / Sarah Pacatte (friend)    Read >>
Hugs / Trish Russell     Read >>
Thinking of you  / Annie Gillentine (Step-mom)    Read >>
I wish I was with there to hug and cry with you.  / Amber Murphy (friend of his mom )    Read >>
Our Angels  / Anne Phillips (A friend of his mum )    Read >>
Denise and Austin..  / Cathy Salazar (Friend of Denise - Fellow Mother with Loss )    Read >>
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